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Massage Room
"Firinne" - Truth

Massage is one of the most ancient and universal of the healing arts. The theraputic value of massage is often underestimated.

It offers an opportunity to really slow down and tune into your own unique body rhythms, to explore what your body needs to communicate to you through subtle movement, breathing patterns and feelings.
 To facilitate your journey, or just to relieve your stress or tension,  holistic massage is available by appointment.
Why not contact us to give yourself that well-earned treat?

  •  Full body massage - €40.00 - 1 hour 
  •  Head and shoulder massage - €25.00 - 20 mins    
  •  Foot massage - €25.00 - 20 mins 
  •  Hand massage - €20.00 - 20 mins 

 Our Massage Therapists are
trained and certified by I.T.E.C.
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