Caraiosa Centre - Come to the centre of Ireland..Come to the centre of yourself..

Heritage Week August 18th to 26th.

To celebrate Heritage week a number of events will be held at Caraiosa Centre. The theme of the week is 'Sharing Our Story...Making Connections' Visit to see the many events happening in Westmeath and around the country.

Tuesday 21st August 10am to 4pm
Papercraft Day  

 Tell the story of your pictures and connect with the heritage of your area or family, as we craft and create Cards & Bookmarks together.
Bring COPIES of old photographs of your village or town, or pictures of your family ancestors.

 Come for the full day or a part of it.

Wednesday 22nd August 2pm to 5pm
Brigid: Goddess & Saint.
 Exploring midland links.

The afternoon will include a visit to St Brigid's Well in Killare, a talk exploring pre-christian and christian links to Brigid, and a guided meditative walk around the Brigid's Cross labyrinth at the Caraiosa Centre connecting the seasons of your life story with the seasons of the year.

Thursday 23rd August 10am to 4pm
Homecraft Workshop 

Learn to make Scones in the morning and Jam with locally grown fruit.

In the afternoon learn how to collect and dry lavender, machine sew your own sachet to fill and hand finish with ribbons and buttons of your choice. All participants will have a lavender sachet to bring home.
Tea & Coffee provided; bring your own lunch.

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